2016 VIRN Trade Show Thursday, October 27th

Resources For People With Disabilities

Thursday, October 27, 2016
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Viscount Gort Hotel
Salon A Main Floor
1670 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

Presentations throughout the day and “Great Auction Prizes”
No Admission Fee and Everyone Is Welcome!

Accessible Media Inc.
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Frontier Computing
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Manitoba Civil Service Commission
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Manitoba Public Library Services
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Reaching E-Quality Employment Services
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Resource Centre for Manitobans who are Deaf-Blind
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Visions Of Independence
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Winnipeg Public Library
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A presentation schedule will be posted shortly.

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VIRN - 2016 Grey Cup Pool Tickets Now Available

Grey Cup - November 27, 2016

Vision Impaired Resource Network (VIRN) Inc.
320 Sherbrook St – 204-975-9340
Sunday, November 27, 2016
Lic. # LGA-3875-RF
$2.00 Each
Proceeds go towards VIRN’s programs activities.

Keep VIRN In Mind For Online Shopping

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Thank you for using the Amazon.ca associate program and supporting VIRN.
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VIRN Office Location

Graphic of VIRN Logo
Keep coming back to our website to view our Programs & Activities.

Local phone numbers: 204-975-9340 or 204-975-9341
Toll-Free: 1-888-851-VIRN (8476)
Address: 320 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg
Main Floor, South Tower
Email: info@virn.ca
Website: www.virn.ca
Twitter: @virnca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/virn.ca

Right on the northwest corner of Sherbrook and Portage Avenue.

"Thank You! Lions Eye Bank for the opportunity to work with you."

Mailing Address:
Vision Impaired Resource Network (VIRN) Inc.
PO Box 2454, Station Main
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A7

VIRN Chooses CanadaHelps.org for Online Donations

Canada Helps Logo
Safe, Secure, Convenient for Donors

VIRN has chosen CanadaHelps.org to process our online donations.

For you, the donor, CanadaHelps.org makes giving safe, secure, simple and convenient. You are in absolute control while making your donation.

VIRN Now Offers Braille Embossing Services

Image of the Braille alphabet black letter and dots on white background.
Another Choice For Information In Accessible Formats

VIRN is now ready to provide Braille embossing services.

Braille is one of the formats used by many people who are vision impaired. We are here to provide this service to Government, Businesses, Organizations and to the general public. We offer an economical option to help get Braille into the hands of people who want to access information in the format of their choice. Braille is an excellent way to improve literacy.

For more information call: 204-975-9340
Toll-Free: 1-888-851-VIRN (8476)
Email: info@virn.ca

Introduction to VI Curling (Video)

Photo of Curling Coach showing a VI Curler how to hold the curling rock.
Grassroots VI Curling Program

VIRN encourages both recreational and competitive curling, but we never lose sight as to the importance of grassroots development and the fun of the sport.

Empowering Our Community

Graphic of a red stop sign
"Stop Bullying"

When someone misuses his or her power with an intention to be hurtful to you, it can feel miserable. Figuring out how to use the power you already have within to protect yourself can be life-changing.

"See If You Can" Program

Graphic of Public Education Presentation Slide
Presentations Increasing Awareness On Abilities

We welcome the opportunity to increase awareness in the community on the abilities of people who are vision impaired. Book your presentation today through our online form, email or call our office.

VIRN Believes In Working Together

Consumer Access Group (CAG)

VIRN has been part of the Consumer Access Group (CAG) since it began. This group’s purpose is to: bring together national, provincial, and local organizations in order to develop position statements on issues important to Canadians with all levels of vision impairment; provide the Canadian public, service providers, and governments a consistent view on issues identified by CAG; coordinate public education efforts, pool resources, and present a united stance to effect change.


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Proud to partner with The University of Winnipeg
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