Happy New Year From VIRN

Graphic of Happy New Year illuminated with sparkles of fireworks on a black sky background.
"2018 Embracing Inclusion"

Our New Year's message to all!

Let us continue to think of others throughout 2018 and onward. Remind ourselves that if we want to be treated with respect and kindness, we must also give respect and be kind to others. We all want to have a good life and equally deserve the opportunity.

Our VIRN Team is very thankful and appreciative for the opportunity to be a part of so many positive and fulfilling experiences in the past year. We continue to provide programs and activities for people who are vision impaired, their family and friends that will bring them joy and hope knowing that we really do care about them. "No one wants to be or feel left out." We don't just talk inclusion we live it, believe it and embrace it as our guiding principle for everything we do.

Happy New Year from all of at VIRN.