Inclusive Trivia Challenge

What's it all about?

An Inclusive Trivia Challenge is going to be as much fun as any other trivia challenge in which you may have participated. The questions will be of the same general types. There will be 10 categories of questions with 5 questions per category. There is a set amount of time to determine an anser. All teams will attempt to answer all questions.

How does an Inclusive Trivia Challenge differ from other trivia challenges?

  • Questions will focus on methods rather than vision to discern answers.

    For example, you will not be shown a picture of a
    movie star. But, you may hear a famous line with which the movie star
    has become associated.
    From this type of clue you would be asked to identify the
    movie star.

  • Hand written or brailled answers on paper are required. However ...

    If your team does not have a member who can fulfill the role of scribe for the team,
    a volunteer "designated scribe" will b supplied. The "designated scribe" will write what and only what they are told. The designated scribe will not participate in determining the answer to the question. If answers are being submitted in braille, in the interest of noise control, brailled answers should be produced using a slate and stylus; not a braille writer.

  • Categories will be available at the table.

    At each table, copies of the categories will be available in both clear print format and Braille.

  • Answers and scores will be announced.

    Periodically throughout the evening, the correct answers to questions and the current score will be announced.

Sound interesting?

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