Tech Ease

Peer Support Through Inclusive Technology

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Tech-Ease is part of our community and we love to get together to talk and demonstrate various inclusive products. People share personal experiences and help one another by finding answers to their questions about these products.

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VIRN's Tech Team and the Tech-Ease community will help find the answers to just about everything related to inclusive technology.

iDevice Training Session

VIRN Offers Hands-On Training; iDevice VoiceOver Basics

VIRN continues its training sessions by offering our community an opportunity to receive a hands-on training session for iDevices featuring VoiceOver basics.

eLM Training Session

VIRN Offers Hands-On Training; electronic Libraries of Manitoba

VIRN gives our community an opportunity to receive and take part in a hands-on training session to access the (eLM) electronic Libraries of Manitoba. Hands-On Training by people who have first-hand experience on accessible technology and want to share it with you! Wednesday, February 8.

Cost is $10.00

Alternative, Lower Priced, Talking MP3 Players

Rockbox Makes It Possible

Tuesday, November 1
5:30 - 7:00 PM

Come and experience this reasonable alternative to proprietary MP3 players which work well for casual reading
of audio books.

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Computer Refresher Course

Presenter: Vic Pereira

Class 1 of a computer refresher course. Review basic screen reader commands and basic tips for navigating the Internet.

Download the class 1 notes

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On-line Shopping

Presenter: Doug Parisian

A demonstration of on-line shopping. Lots of tips and techniques for handling various shopping web sites.

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Accessible Audio Books

Presenter: Glen Sepke

A demonstration on a few ways to download accessible audio books from various sites.

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Plextalk Pocket audio player

Presenter: Peter Panchris

A demonstration of the Plextalk Pocket audio player. Comparisons are made to the Victor Reader Stream.

Listen to the Plextalk Pocket demo

  • Plextalk Pocket - A comparison of Plextalk Pocket with Victor Reader Stream

Links of interest for Plextalk Pocket

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KNFB Reader, RNIB PenFriend

Presenter: Ruth Hogue

A demonstration of the KNFB Reader and the RNIB PenFriend.