Website Accessibility

Here at VIRN we believe in enabling people to use our website in the broadest sense and one of those things means trying to enable people to not only be able to use and engage on our website and the website(s) we control but rather be able to just as effectively use any of the websites that we choose to link to.

In that spirit we provide this page of best practices and tips to effectively use web/internet technologies to their fullest as a visually impaired peson. It is important to note that this isn’t a replacement for formal training which we offer and would provide a much more detailed and customized approach that empowers people to use technology to thier fullest. But this exists as a more immediate resource for people if their struggling to use our website or the websites we choose to link to.

This page will likely change and evolve over time as the technology changes and as our staff learns of new tips and techniques and we will try our best to keep it as current as possible. However, given our limited capacity mistakes, omissions or other errors with the page may exist at certain points in time. If you do find any errors or omissions we encourage you to email us at and we will try to make any corrections in a timely fashion.

Zooming In / Zooming Out

To be able to zoom in (magnify) a web page your can press: CTRL and + / CMD and + (or View -> Zoom In)

To be able to zoom out (un-magnify) a web page you can press: CTRL and  / CMD and (or View -> Zoom Out)