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We are known to most as VIRN! – A non-profit, grassroots organization that provides resources, programs, and activities. Our primary focus is people with vision impairment and welcome their families and friends.

Through our expertise and first-hand lived experience in living with vision impairment, the VIRN Team works together with each individual to achieve their personal goals.

The VIRN Team believe people with vision impairment can contribute and participate in their community with confidence, dignity, and independence.

Welcome to our website where we hope that you will get to know our organization a little better. We continue to add more information to our website and want you to keep coming back to visit.

Help us break down barriers and embrace inclusion for all!

Our Core Programs

Active Living

VIRN believes in staying active, getting involved in inclusive sport and recreational programs / activities, having fun in a welcoming environment.

Learning Centre

A welcoming place to enjoy training and hands on learning experience using computers, tablets, phones, and other adaptive technology for people with vision impairment to use at home, work, and play.

Peer Support

We are here for the community and to support each other; offering one on one peer mentoring and opportunities for group discussion.

Public Education

Through presentations, workshops and our trade show we bring awareness about the challenges, find solutions and resources that are available for people with vision impairment.

Thank you to AMI for making this documentary happen. More video content is available on their website.

Upcoming Events

Christmas Gathering

December 16, 2023

Wow! It is one month away until Christmas Eve.  So, that means it is time for us to get together to sing and enjoy some food and spend time with our peers. RSVP to 204-975-9341 or email info@virn.ca  Let’s share in some festive time together.

Screen Pix

November 29, 2023

VIRN’s Screen Pix! This program is for people interested in watching movies, series and other content found on Netflix or Prime. We continue to explore other options such as, Disney Plus and Crave so we have a variety of choices. In keeping with all VIRN’s beliefs, we...


November 28, 2023

Did you know Tuesday, November 28th is GivingTuesday? This year we're excited to announce that to mark the occasion we've setup a custom donation page you can access using the button below to help us raise more funds to hold awesome events like the Trivia night we...

Trivia Night

November 20, 2023

Trivia starts at 7:00 but doors open at 6:00 Tickets are $28.50 per person About the Event Join us for a fun, interactive, and inclusive trivia night at Devil May Care Brewing and put your brain to use to support a fantastic cause. All proceeds go to Vision Impaired...

Active Living

Our programs focus on building the confidence required to pursue an active lifestyle. Whether you like to cycle, paddle, curl, or hike – VIRN can help you get to where you’re going.

Contact VIRN and get involved, all of us need to be more active for better
mental and physical health.

An instructor teaching curling technique
Tandem cycling duo
Two young people share photos on a smartphone

Learning Centre

The VIRN Learning Centre (VLC) is a place where people with vision
impairment are made to feel welcome! The VIRN Team go that extra mile
to provide an easy-going, stress free, friendly environment. We feel this is
the only way that you will want to return. The VIRN Team is here to listen to
the challenges you face and are here to help you find solutions. At the VLC
we do our best to make it fun to learn.

Peer Support

At VIRN we understand what it is like to live with no usable vision or low vision because we live it every day as well. It isn’t always easy, but we are here for those who are new to vision loss or are born with a vision impairment. Together we will work to find solutions for day-to-day challenges. We will listen and hear what you are saying! We want to help you achieve your goals.
A group of VIRN members around a firepit

Accessibility Services

VIRN is proud of our reputation of being recognized for being respectful and our commitment to partnerships with organizations who strive for full inclusion. The VIRN Team is made up of people who have significant lived experience living with vision impairment. We are always ready to share what we know and with our expertise we will help you find solutions to putting accessibility at the forefront. VIRN stands confidently behind our economical Braille and Consulting Services. Contact us to learn more about how our Team’s lived experiences can help you make your services better and easier to use by more people.

Braille Services


Creating braille books

How Can You Help?

VIRN is here for the community of people with vision impairment, we are a grassroots organization that believes that everyone can live life to its fullest. We work hard to find solutions to everyday challenges.

Please consider donating to the Vision Impaired Resource Network (VIRN) Inc. Your generous gift will help VIRN continue to provide programs and activities to the community of people with vision impairment.

VIRN is smaller than many of the well-known larger national charities, but this grassroots organization does so much amazing work for the community. All donations to VIRN go directly towards supporting the work we do in the areas of training, peer support, active living and public education.

Please, help us with a donation, so more people with vision impairment have the opportunity to take part in our programs to help them in gaining confidence, find solutions for day-to-day challenges, have positive experiences and live life to its fullest.

“Our volunteers are our strength.” We would not be able to do all the great
work we do in delivering our programs and activities if it weren’t for the
generous commitment of time and the expertise of our volunteers. If you
would like to be part of this friendly and welcoming organization, please fill
out our short online form or contact us directly. We are always looking for
more volunteers to join the VIRN Team and help us expand our much-
needed programs and activities.