Tech Time – Echoes of Awareness: Fortifying Your Digital Instincts


May 13, 2024


5:30 pm


6:30 pm



Come join us as we listen to a reminder for echos of the fundamentals of being safe online with a few new things added. We have heard from some of you that have asked us if we could talk about using and growing our digital instincts which are often one of our most critical tools to thrive in today as well as into the future.

You might feel that this isn’t your favourite topic, but we all know we have been challenged a few times on whether we should click that link or provide information in places where we aren’t totally sure. As usual, we’ll keep the discussion welcoming, fun and interesting.

This topic is for anyone who uses computers or the internet (which is almost everyone at this point).

A session where we’ll talk about being safe online and why It’s important to stay safe.

We all need a reminder from time to time.

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